Ascent to Godhead

Earthling Society

Riot Season REPOSELP060

Release Date: August 04th 2017


01: Can you Levitate?

02: Ascent to Godhead (Part 1)

03: Electric Bou Saada

04: Ascent to Godhead (Part 2)

Earthling Society are:

Fred Laird – Guitars vocals, electric tanpura, recorder, bouzouki, Buddha box and lap steel.

Jon Blacow – Drums, Tablas and Percussion.

Kim Allen – Fender bass and fretless bass.

Earthling society enter the second half of 2017 with their second album release of the year and their twelfth album in total since 2004. Released on the West Midlands based label “Riot Season Records” and comes as a limited edition of 500 only on blue vinyl. The first 150 mail order copies come with a bonus CD-R album ‘Crooked Under Moonlight’ the CD-R contains 5 bonus tracks.

CD-R 01: Babylon Grove

CD-R 02: Pomegranates

CD-R 03: Ritual in Bou Saada

CD-R 04: Sunshine Radiation

CD-R 05: Jerusalem Highway

As I don’t have the bonus CD-R in for review I only mention the above as it would be worth while trying to get a copy if you like Earthling Society and their blend of psychedelic spacerock.

The first thing you will notice is the striking cover artwork designed by Mark Hebblewhite which has an Asian or oriental design and feel to it, more examples of his work can be found on his website.

On to the first track “01: Can you Levitate?” and it is straight in with a bang, a good fast paced rocker of a track with lyrics to match with what could become, dare I say a sing along chorus.  Track “02: Ascent to Godhead (Part 1)” an altogether slower and more gentler track that carries an Asian vibe with both Tabla and Sitar to the fore as they weave there way throughout, at 16 minutes it is the longest track on the album and at no time does it outstay it’s welcome. Track “03: Electric Bou Saada”  back to full on guitar and a rockier edge with some echo/dub, this harder edged instrumental space jam is my favourite on the album as it builds up to a crescendo and back down the other side. On to the final track “04: Ascent to Godhead (Part 2)” an altogether heavier sounding track than “Part 1”  interspersed with Saxophone and chanting to give iy a drone like quality which finishes off the album quite nicely.

I have to say I am a fan of Earthling Society so I would have been surprised if I did not like it. Fred and the band have done a good job again, highly recommended.

Ascent to Godhead can be ordered from the Riot Season Webshop or Bandcamp

Riot Season Records Webshop

Riot Season Records Bandcamp

Thanks to Andy Smith@Riot Season Records, Earthling Society, Fred Laird, Jon Blacow, Kim Allen and Mark Hebblewhite (album cover art)