Adventures of the Upside Down

Da Captain Trips

Vinyl – VE Recordings VELP017

CD –  Phonosphera Records ph11


01: The Calm and the Storm

02: Manta

03: Revelation

04: Dear Zahdia

05: Trepasses Bay

06: Peaceful Place

07: Mother Earth

Da Captain Trips are a psychedelic rock band who hail from Italy, they are an instrumental band who formed in 2009 by members of two underground Italian bands Oak’s Mary and Midryasi whos line up consists of  Cavitos (guitar), Peppo (bass), Bachis (synth & keyboards) and Tommy (drums).

“Adventures in the Upside Down” is their second full length studio album after “Anechoic Chamber Outcomes I” in 2013 Released on April 30th 2017 it comes on both CD and vinyl.

The CD (Silver/grey cover) is on Phonosphera Records ph11 with the vinyl released on VE Recordings VELP017. both versions contain the above 7 tracks and clocks in at just over 45 minutes.

Listed as Guests on the album are :
Lee Relfe from Sendelica : saxophone in “Revelation” 
Ema from the old Captain’s lineup : Nature sounds on “Mother Earth” and Buchla sequence 6/8 left side on “Peaceful Place”
Basalle : 2 pole resonant filter on “The Calm and the Storm”

The album starts of slowly building up the sound, synthesizer then guitar till the full on rocking sound kicks, predominantly guitar led each track flows and meanders with no track over staying it’s welcome even the final track “Mother Earth” at nearly 10 minutes long, Lee Relfe (Sendelica) guests on track 3 “Revelation”  adding his saxophone to the mix.

Da Captain Trips are a new band for me and I am glad I got this Cd in for review and on listening to it repeatedly I will surely be checking out their other releases. I can highly recommend this album.

You can purchase both the vinyl and CD from their bandcamp page