How We Lost The 21st Century

Cathode Ray Eyes


01: Take a bow, Cthulhu

02: People/Evil

03: They cut the heart from out of the sky so burn down this Government

04: We sleep till we rust

05: Say Goodbye ( Soul )

06: Dance! Dance! Die!

07: Take the darkness again

08: We’re not born to serve

09: Digging a grave for the world

10: Goodbye 21st Century

Cathode Ray Eyes is the alias Nottingham native  Ryan DelGaudio, The Cult of Dom Keller guitarist goes under for his solo projects, ‘How We Lost The 21st Century’ is his second solo outing after his debut album ‘Eyes in the Melancholy Palm‘ which was released in 2015 on Cardinal Fuzz Records in UK and Europe and Captcha Records in USA, although physical copies of the first album have long been sold out you can still stream the first album from the Cardinal Fuzz Bandcamp site here:

 Cardinal Fuzz, Cathode Ray Eyes Bandcamp

A mare two and half years later the second Cathode Ray Eye album “How We Lost the 21st Century” has been released and is available to stream from Bandcamp from the 12th June and consists of the 10 tracks listed above and continues in the same vain as the first album but with a darker slightly heavier edge to it, as with the first album all songs have been written, performed, recorded and mixed by Ryan DelGaudio, so do your self a favour and give it a listen and share as it deserves to be heard, highly recommended.

Bandcamp:  Cathode Ray Eyes – How We Lost The 21st Century