From Now to Now


The Weird Beard


01: Space Junk

02: Suns of ra

03: Planet of The Mindstealers

Although Vert:x are a relatively new band to me they have been blasting a space rock trail for 10 years with their psychedelic / krautrock / spacepunk meanderings. Based in Chester and Nottinghamshire and consisting of Neil Whitehead, Vinnie C, Barry Mart and The Other One.

This latest full length album “From now to Now” is released as a first release by a UK based group of psych lovers going by the name “The Weird Beard” a group of like minded people who bonded over their shared love of all thing psychedelic and it is limited to 250 copies.

The first thing that strikes you is the stunning sleeve art both front and rear along with the insert, the vinyl itself is a stunning transparent green with red splatter and adds to the beauty of the whole package. Consisting of three tracks side one hits you straight from the off with the spaced out Krautrock jam of “Space Junk” with its motorik beat and jazz feel. Track two “Suns of Ra comes in at a more mellow pace to start with, with it’s machine like build up and middle eastern feel as if on a trip driving your way through a bustling bazaar. The whole of side two is taken up by track three “Planet of The Mindstealers” this is an altogether rockier affair with a driving drum beat, pulsating bass and Synth sounds that weave there way between the two, classic space rock. This album takes you on a journey from space, on through the middle east and back to the rockier out crops of space again, each of the three instrumentals being different enough to offer something different on each listen.

As a first release for The Weird Beard the Vert:x From Now to Now album is an excellent choice and they have done a great job of the package as a whole, they are surely on to a winner and I wish both The Weird Beard lads and the band Vert:x much success in this venture together.

Recommended, you can pre-order the album from The Weird Beard HERE