Paradiso Is On Fire
Cult of Dom Keller
CF 073

01: Behind all evil is a black hole
02: Broken arm of God
03: Nowhere to land
04: Dead seas
05: Shambala is on fire
06: Eyes
07: Nothing left to stay for
08: Astrum Argenteum
09: Swamp Heron
10: Worlds

Hailing from Nottingham Cult of Dom Keller are a local band to me and as such I have seen therm play live a fair few times at local venues. I have always preferred the fuller harder sound they have live so when I heard they had recorded a live album I was very interested to see if they had captured that sound on vinyl.

Out on Cardinal Fuzz and recorded live during the tour for their Goodbye To The Light (Fuzz Club) album at Het Bos, Antwerp 17/11/16 and Paradiso, Amsterdam 19/11/16. The Cult of Dom Keller who consist of Jason Holt – bass, synth, Alistair Burns – drums, sampler, Neil Marsden – keyboards, vocals and Ryan Delgaudio – guitar, vocals offer up 10 tracks taken from all 3 of their studio albums.

The first thing you notice is the bands heavier sound which is captured well here, it hits you from the off. Jason’s bass and Alistair’s Drums create a backdrop for Neil’s Keyboards and Ryan’s guitar to weave there magic as a they create a wall of sound with the vocals just completing that sound. The 10 tracks here capture that raw live sound perfectly, playing tracks from all 3 of their studio albums they are loud brash and are a band at the top of their game. This 2 x vinyl release is the next best thing to being there. After hearing their last album played live I was disappointed by the studio version, this is not the case here as the album captures them for me at their best, playing heavy live psych.

Highly recommended : you can order from Cardinal Fuzz Here