Kunst #9: Space Calling Earth
Earthling Society
The Unstables Bar, Kunst Gallery

The Unstables bar is nice quirky little arts space in the Peak District town of Belper, part of and situated behind the Kunst Gallery, this is nice small intimate venue with plenty of old world industrial charm. The evenings entertainment started with an interesting talk from A.F. Wilson entitled ‘opening the sky: UFO religions, Yuri Gagarin & the end of the world’ an interesting subject regarding mans first venture in to space, gods place in heaven and earth, iconography, various new age religions and alien abductions, all illustrated by various graphics and slides, which went down well with the appreciative audience.

Earthling Society, hailing from Fleetwood are a three piece band consisting of Fred Laird on guitar and vocals, Kim Allen on bass and Jon Blacow on drums. Kim and Jon were excellent, never missing a beat and created an excellent canvas for Fred to weave his magic and magic it is, seeing Fred play live allows you to marvel at his playing, his lead guitar weaving in and out of the tunes to great effect, with minimal vocals, no song here seems to outstay it welcome before leading on to next. The atmosphere was further enhanced by a crowd that really entered in to the spirit of the night and danced, bobbed and weaved along to every tune.

The Kunst Gallery have created a great little art space out here in Belper and it is nice to see people come along and support the venue, it’s very welcoming and I hope that Jonathan Thomson who runs the venue continues to get the support of the local community and there are many more nights such as I witnessed, I for one will surely be back.

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