More Experience
Follow Me
Old Hippie Records IX MMXVI (CD)

01: Follow Me
02: More Experience
03: Now We are Dreaming
04: Flower for Us
05: Like a Sail
06: The Witch
07: We Couldn’t get Much Higher

More Experience are a psychedelic band from Poland or rather the monika under which according to the sleeve notes Piotr Dudzikowski plays and records along with a few other musicians who join him on various tracks, Piotr recorded, mixed and mastered the album on Old Hippie Records.

The album contain 7 tracks of 60s styled psychedelic tunes incorporating many of the late 1960s musical styles which weave there way through the album. Follow Me is very much a drum led track incorporating a spaced out echo vocal. More Experience has a more Asian feel to it with the sitar and tabla sounds leading up to a full on rock out. Now We are Dreaming a nice slow rocker again with the nice echo to the vocals and various tempo changes between the guitar, organ and piano. Flower for Us continues around a guitar, tabla and organ based tune along with the vocals give it a nice light airy feel. Like a Sail from a jazzy piano start on to full on guitar solo/effects venturing in to the realms of progressive rock and is the longest track on the album at over 9 minutes long. The Witch a nice whispered soft vocal and acoustic guitar track that turns in to a full on electric guitar jam before finishing back with the acoustic and vocals. We couldn’t get much higher, then most popiest and sing-a-long track on the album that at times reminds me of the type of song The Monkees used to do, certainly gets the foot tapping.

I must admit I had not heard of More Experience till I was sent this album and I was pleasantly surprised on hearing the album. The first thing that you notice is the striking artwork designed by that man of many talents Piotr Dudzikowski and a good job he has made all around on this album, if you like your psychedelic music with a 60s, 70s or dare I say with a sprinkling of progressive rock give this album an listen and you too maybe be pleasantly surprised as I was.

Highly recommended,

More Experience

Old Hippie Records