Sulatron st1605

Released, March 18th 2016

01: Lift Off
02: Hypnotizer
03: Edentrip
04: Kosmos Amigos
05: Floatboat
06: Rockit
07: Samphonic Trip (live bonustrack)

I had not come across Interkosmos until now, a truly european band Sergio Ceballos from Spain (guitar, FX, vocal), Pablo Carneval from Austria (drums) and Sula Bassana from Germany (bass, FX, loops). The name Interkosmos has been taken from the 1967 Italian Sci-Fi film “Perry Rhodan–SOS aus dem Weltall” or “Mission Stardust” in English. Originally released in 2008 here it has the added bonus of the live track Samphonic Trip.

Track one Lift Off starts with a dialogue “Interkosmos” and countdown sample from the film leading into a slow tempo with the guitar that weaves in and out for a trippy feel. Track two, the tile track Hypnotizer starts off with another film sample a much more guitar laden track which still gives you the feeling of floating off and back again slowly finishing with some nice effects, Track three Edentrip is effects driven and gives a feeling of the vastness of space. Track Four Kosmos Amigos as the title may suggest has a very Spanish style and feel to it, with a vocal passage from around half way which gives it a haunting edge. Track five Floatboat builds up slowly reaching a rocky climax . Track six Rockit, starting off as a guitar led fast tempo track which soon leads into the bass and guitar intertwining before becoming a full on rocker and finishing with a nice drone effect. To finish the album we have the live bonus track seven Samphonic Trip, starting with a film dialogue sample mixing into various space sound effects with dialogue, building nicely to a thumping bass, drums and guitar rock led finish.

Predominantly psychedelic space rock, the album starts off with and continues throughout with it space theme which in parts of this album are very relaxing, six of the seven tracks here are over 10 minutes plus long giving them time to develop and grow as they play along. Having played this album a few times now the length of the tracks is never a problem as you become fully immersed and floating along with them. Having enjoyed this album I will now have to track down the Mission Stardust film.

Highly recommended Interkosmos Bandcamp

Vinyl and CD available at Sulatron Records