Sula Bassana
Sulatron Records st 1602 (CD & LP)

Released February 2016

01: Moonbase Alpha Alpha
02: Shushie Express
03: No time – No Eternity
04: Planeta Bur
05: Shipwrecked
06: No Way

Released in February 2016 Sula Bassana aka Dave Schmidt uses vintage analogue synthesizers to evoke memories of the first maned mission to the moon, Moonbase Alpha Alpha starts off with a classic “The Eagle has landed” sample that leads through to a metronomic beat interspersed with a swirling synth and the astronauts radio banter samples, this really could be a soundtrack for a trip in a rocket to the moon. Shushie Express carries on the metronomic, krautrock feel all be it with a gentler tone with hints of eastern and aboriginal sounds creating the flowing tune. No Time – No Eternity slows the pace down with a more drone like feel with its ghostly drum beat weaving its way through to Planeta Bur. Here the tempo is raised slightly with a meandering synth that again moves in an eastern direction. The title track Shipwrecked has that classical sci-fi feel of strings over a repeating 5 note refrain. The album finishes off with No Way, the shortest track on the album which does not detract from it being one of the most interesting on the album with it slow tempo and feeling of floating off in to space.

The albums overall theme is one in which all the tracks fit well together and really stand up to repeated listening. I for one found that there are many layers that keeps it fresh on each listen and if like me you were born in the era of the race to the moon, it will invoke memories of the time we all wanted to grow up to be an astronaut. The albums art work is by the artist Frank Lewecke who also did the cover art for Sula Bassanas 2009 album “The Night”

Highly Recommended  Sula Bassana Bandcamp

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