Sixth Side of the Pentagon

Dead Sea Apes

01: The Map is not The Territory
02: Sixth Side version I
03: Low Resolution
04: Sixth Side version II
05: Pale Anxieties (with Adam Stone)
06: Nerve Centre
07: Sixth Side version III
08: Low Res
09: Tentacles (The Machine Rolls On) (with Adam Stone)
10: Sixth Side version IV
11: Rectifier

When one of my favourite bands Dead Sea Apes releases a new album it really is time to sit up take note and give it a listen, consisting of three member Brett Savage guitar, Nick Harris Bass and Chris Hardman Drums they are also joined on two tracks by Adam Stone. I first heard this combination playing live last September at the Kunst Gallery in the Derbyshire Peak District town of Belper, the Dead Sea Apes were excellent as always. Adam Stone was backed by the Dead Sea Apes who inprovised over his spoken vocals were the support act, the track had a real apocalyptic feel and really stood out in the Kunst Gallery shed venue so I was expecting good things on the album.

Sixth side of the Pentagon consists of 11 tracks, the opening track “The map is not the territory” sets the tone very nicely for the whole album with its dub feel starting off slow and building up. Running through the album are four numbered tracks “Sixth Side 1” through to “Sixth side IV” these are short interlude tracks ranging from 20 seconds to 55 seconds long and are by no means filler. The afore mentioned Adam Stone features on vocals or spoken word on two tracks “Pale Anxieties” and “Tentacles (The Machine Rolls On)” here the apocalyptic dystopian theme is carried on with a spaced out echo on the spoken poetry vocals which perfectly compliment the music. Track 11 Rectifier with its bass led dub and swirling synth is a perfect way to end a perfect album.

This album is very different, in a good way from their other albums and I do like the direction it has taken. Adam Stones vocals fits in perfectly with the style and tone of the album, as a whole the album stands up well to repeat listening and guaranteed to get your foot tapping every time. If you are a Dead Sea Apes fan like me you should get this album as soon as it is released for everyone else give it a listen it may just turn you into a fan.

Highly recommended, you can order it from Cardinal Fuzz